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Conjunctivitis is commonly called pink eye because it’s a type of inflammation that turns the whites of your eyes pink. Pink eye can be itchy, uncomfortable, and downright painful, so it’s important that you get help quickly. Mona Khan, MD, a highly skilled medical doctor who specializes in ophthalmology at River North Eye Center in Chicago, is here to help. Book an appointment through the online portal or call the office today.

Pink Eye Q & A

How does the doctor diagnose pink eye?

You’ll discuss your symptoms with your provider at River North Eye Center, and they will make a preliminary diagnosis based on that. To verify that you have pink eye, your provider will do a comprehensive slit lamp examination. You’ll use the chin and forehead rests to support your head while they examine your cornea and retina.

Your provider at River North Eye Center uses special eyedrops to see corneal and retinal details that aren’t usually visible. This comprehensive exam allows them to confidently diagnose your pink eye so that they can formulate a treatment plan for you.

What are the types of pink eye?

The three types of pink eye are:

  • Viral pink eye: the most common kind of pink eye results from a virus
  • Bacterial pink eye: a less-common pink eye that results from bacteria exposure
  • Allergic pink eye: pink eye caused by exposure to an allergen

No matter what kind of pink eye you have, your provider can diagnose it and prescribe treatment to relieve your symptom.

How is pink eye treated?

Pink-eye treatment depends on what kind of pink eye you have, and on your symptoms. Your provider could recommend remedies like using artificial tears as needed, regularly cleaning your eyes with a damp cloth to remove residue, and using warm or cool compresses to relieve pain and itchiness.

If you wear contact lenses, your provider will typically advise you to use eyeglasses until your pink eye is gone. You might need to dispose of any disposable lenses that you wore once the pink-eye symptoms started.

Most cases of pink eye are viral, and antibiotic eye drops can't help. If you have viral pink eye,  continue prescribed treatment until the virus runs its course. In some cases, when your pink eye came from the herpes simplex virus, your provider can prescribe antiviral medication.

If your pink eye is bacterial, your provider will typically prescribe antibiotics in eye drop or ointment form. This can speed up your healing dramatically.

If you have allergic pink eye, they can prescribe special eye drops, antihistamines, or other allergy medications. However, the best remedy is limiting your exposure to the allergen.

At River North Eye Center, you’re seeing a medical doctor, so treatment’s covered by your insurance. The practice sees adult patients exclusively. Book your appointment online or via phone today.